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Tekula CapitalInvesting in African Wilderness

Investing in community-led travel businesses that empower local people to protect their culture, wildlife and wilderness.


Our Approach

Tekula Capital was established to invest in community-led travel businesses in Africa as a way to support sustainable development and conservation.

As an impact investor, we invest in on-the-ground businesses as a means of ensuring that the money earned through tourism benefits destinations and their local communities for the long-term – environmentally, socially, economically.

Full of promise, these businesses lack the connections to international markets, the marketing experience, and the management experience to harness the huge potential we see in them. Drawing on the experience, intellectual capital and resources of the Africa House Group, we help these businesses become sustainable, successful, and catalyst for wider sustainable development.

Crucially, we are a stakeholder-orientated social enterprise. Which is not to say that shareholders are not important. Rather, it is to highlight the fact that we do not aim to maximise profits at the expense of stakeholders. It's an approach written into our Articles of Association, and serves to guide us in everything we do. Finally, the majority of profits made from our investments are reinvested in the cause, with much of that redistributed to Africa House's non-profit Wild Philanthropy.

Our Investments

To date we have made one investment, successfully establishing Wild Expeditions Ethiopia.

Part-owned by Ethiopian nationals, the business already has a turnover to $1.3m and turns a small profit. Highlights of the support we have provided include:

  • Significant media coverage, including front page of the New York Times travel supplement.
  • Africa House's Journeys by Design has been driving business to Wild Expeditions from day one, allowing Wild Expeditions to scale up fast.
  • Wild Expeditions has been successfully marketed to a top-tier international agent, all of whom use the product.
  • Africa House continues to provide management support, helping the team build a frontier African travel product.
  • The Wild Expeditions management team is 100% Ethiopian. As well as led by a woman, 50% of the team is female.

In the first three years of the business, Wild Expeditions Ethiopia has become the country’s finest destination management company.

Africa landscape

Impact Report 2019/20

In 2019, we brought Tekula Capital under the same roof - the Africa House Group - as its sister business and charity, Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy.

For the first time, we report on the collective impact of the group, as well as on that of each of its entities.

Capturing key metrics for measuring the success of the group as a whole, the report demonstrates the viability of a travel-driven approach to conservation, bringing business, investment and philanthropy together. For Tekula Capital, this year our focus has been helping mitigate the effects of the pandemic, either by supporting Wild Expeditions through Covid or designing and readying the Africa Travel Recovery Fund.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the report, Tekula Capital or Africa House as a whole.

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Impact Report 2019/20
Africa landscape

About Us

Part of the Africa House Group

Tekula Capital was set up to invest in community-led travel businesses in Africa as a means of supporting sustainable development and conservation in at-risk ecosystems. Wild Expeditions Ethiopia is its first investment, its proof-of-concept success resulting in plans for similar investments in other parts of Africa. The company’s management team is based in Brighton, UK, and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Africa landscape